how to play piano without sheet music

how do you play piano chords with both hands To help you much better understand what we have actually evaluated as the finest kick and play piano lessons with both hands lessons. We have actually put together the top beginner piano lessons that will teach you from numerous different angles. That said, let’s look at how to play piano with accuracy and control. As a first step, there’s a simple exercise that you can do to increase the sensitivity of your fingers. Start with Chopin’s natural hand position. I recommend a slightly modified version, with the fingers of either hand a whole tone apart, starting on E. Practice only with one hand at a time, leaving the other on your lap. Try to release any excess tension from the arm shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist, allowing the fingers to rest naturally on the keys. Take each finger in turn and, using only the finger, depress the key only very slightly – not enough to make a sound. Release the finger and repeat, this time pressing the key down very slightly further. Feel the sudden resistance at roughly two thirds down.

how to play piano songs on keyboard

Tap down on the surface with your little finger.

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    Hope I don’t overdo it though and work more on accuracy as you say… My best wishes to you for doing such a wonderful job and opening up the world of music to so many…I have questions on the technique for some scales, but will keep it for later.

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    I found your way of teaching very easy to understand and interesting.

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    Also see whether minoring in music is an option.

    how to play piano without sheet music