Getting paint out of clothing can be difficult.

Ancient humans

ancient times

During the ancient times, clothing was a part of the daily lives of the people. In Mesopotamia and Europe, people were wearing clothes. The clothing was made out of fabric and animal hides. These fabrics were used for a variety of purposes, including keeping warm and for protection.


Some of the clothing was designed to fit different body types and sizes. In some cases, the clothes were made to look pretty.

Ice Age

During the Ice Age, early humans wrapped their bodies in animal skins to keep them warm and protected from the elements.


This type of clothing became increasingly popular as humans became more advanced. They also wore clothes to indicate status within a group.

important part

In turn, they became an important part of human evolution. They evolved into more complex garments.



The first clothing attributed to the human species likely originated in Africa. The earliest known clothes are thought to be made from grass, shells, and animal skins.


hundred years

In the next few hundred years, the materials used to make clothes became much more plentiful and cheaper.



In fact, the researchers suggest that humans may have begun wearing clothes as early as 120,000 years ago.



The invention of clothing is said to have been the harbinger of the Industrial Revolution, which greatly impacted the clothing industry.



The first clothes may have been used to keep warm, but they were also a symbol of power and status within a group.



The first clothes might have also been used as ornaments. They could have also been used for other purposes, according to researchers.


One study found that a simple sewing needle was fashioned from animal bone. The first known clothing attributed to the human species is also said to have been made from animal skin. It is also likely that the first clothes were also made from natural elements. Scientists have studied the invention of clothing in prehistory since the 20th century. While some studies suggest that the first clothes were fashioned from animal skins, others suggest that they were made from plant materials. Regardless of which is true, the invention of clothing is an important milestone in human history. This invention may have made it possible to migrate out of Africa, a crucial step in human evolution.

When Was Clothing Invented?